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The Fiber Addict offers a wide variety of fibers in various colors and combinations.  Each is a combed top preparation, perfect for worsted spinning.  The wools can also be used for needle or traditional wet felting.  Please be aware each computer monitor is different and may display a different color than the actual fiber.

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Natural Blueface Leicester Natural Blueface Leicester

Blueface Leicester wool top, natural creamy white.

4 oz ball: $8.75

BFL Natural Multi-Color BFL Natural Multi-Color

Blueface Leicester wool top, natural colors of brown, moorit and ecru.

4 oz ball: $9.50

Champagne Champagne

Corriedale wool, multiple natural colors, light -- white, oatmeal, moorit, silver.

4 oz ball: $7.25

Chocolate Chocolate

Corriedale wool, natural deep rich chocolate brown.

4 oz ball: $6.75

Kola Kola

Corriedale wool, multiple natural colors, dark -- chocolate, silver, moorit.

4 oz ball: $7.25

Moorit Moorit

Corriedale wool, natural light brown.

4 oz ball: $6.75

Oatmeal Oatmeal

Corriedale wool, natural soft oatmeal.

4 oz ball: $6.75

Silver Silver

Corriedale wool, natural light grey.

4 oz ball: $6.75

White Corriedale White Corriedale

Corriedale wool, natural white.

4 oz ball: $6.75

Corriedale Cross Corriedale Cross

Corriedale wool, a nice creamy all-purpose medium wool. Slightly coarser than White Corriedale.

4 oz ball: $6.50

Domestic White Domestic White

Domestic white, natural white.

4 oz ball: $5.50

Falkland Falkland

Very white in color, lofty and soft wool. 26 micron count, 4”–6” staple length.

4 oz ball: $7.50

15.5 Micron Merino 15.5 Micron Merino

Australian Merino comparable to some cashmeres in softness and micron count.

4 oz ball: $16.00

19.5 Micron Merino 19.5 Micron Merino

Superfine Merino, creamy ecru color.

4 oz ball: $8.25

Natural Merino Natural Merino

Merino, 21.5 micron, natural white.

4 oz ball: $7.75

Polwarth Polwarth

Very white and soft, 23.5 micron

4 oz ball: $7.50

Organic Polwarth Organic Polwarth

Certified Organic. Very white and very fine for Polwarth at 22 microns.

4 oz ball: $8.50

Polwarth/Tussah Silk Polwarth/Tussah Silk

Lovely polwarth wool with silk for luster and feel! (85%/15%)

4 oz ball: $10.75

Polwarth/Tussah Silk 60/40 Polwarth/Tussah Silk 60/40

A luxurious hand to this blend containing 40% Tussah Silk.

4 oz ball: $12.50

Superfine Merino Cashmere Superfine Merino/Cashmere

18.5 micron merino and white cashmere in a 70/30 blend. Very soft and silky!

2 oz ball: $9.75

Mohair Mohair

Young adult mohair, creamy white and very shiny!

4 oz ball: $7.75

Wensleydale Wensleydale

Wensleydale wool, natural.

4 oz ball: $7.00

Light Brown Wool Light Brown Wool

Natural light brown color, great for overdyeing!

4 oz ball: $5.50

Jacob Multi-Color Natural Jacob - Multi-color Natural

Jacob top, natural colors of black, grey and white. Has a few kemp fibers which are easy to pick out. Good for outerwear.

4 oz ball: $7.00

BFL Superwash BFL Superwash

Natural creamy white Blueface Leicester wool, machine washable.

4 oz ball: $9.25

Colonial Superwash Colonial Superwash

White Colonial wool, machine washable – great for socks!

4 oz ball: $6.75

Merino Superwash Merino Superwash

Natural white merino top, machine washable.

4 oz ball: $8.50

Merino/Bamboo/Nylon Superwash Merino Superwash/Bamboo/Nylon

60/30/10 blend, lots of sheen and soft!

4 oz ball: $10.25

Merino/Bamboo/Tussah Silk Merino/Bamboo/Tussah Silk

Soft merino with bamboo and silk! (50%/25%/25%) Great for dyeing – the merino and silk absorb the acid dyes while the bamboo remains white!

4 oz ball: $11.00

Merino/Cultivated Silk 50/50 Merino/Cultivated Silk 50/50

Pure luxury! Well-blended 21.5 micron Merino and white Cultivated Silk – silky, very white and lots of sheen!

4 oz ball: $14.50

Merino/Superwash Merino/Tussah Silk Merino/Superwash Merino/Tussah Silk

40/40/20 blend – dye this fun blend! Each fiber will take the dye differently.

4 oz ball: $10.50

Merino/Tencel Merino/Tencel

50% regular merino blended with 50% Tencel. The tencel provides the lovely sheen.

4 oz ball: $9.75

Merino/Tussah Silk Ecru Merino/Tussah Silk Ecru

70% Merino blended with 30% Tussah Silk. An easy-to-draft silk blend, natural ecru color.

4 oz ball: $11.25

Natural Grey Merino/Tussah Silk Natural Grey Merino/Tussah Silk

70 /30 blend of natural grey merino and bleached tussah silk.

4 oz ball: $11.25

Nylon Nylon

Nylon, undyed, white.

4 oz ball: $4.25

Bamboo - Bast Bamboo - Bast

White fibers from the bamboo plant stalk, combed top. Has a nice sheen!

2 oz ball: $4.50

Bamboo Bamboo

Bamboo, long fibers with a silk-like shine - undyed.

4 oz ball: $6.50

Carbonized Bamboo Carbonized Bamboo

Charcoal gray in color, a result of carbonized bamboo fibers.

4 oz ball: $8.50

Acala Cotton Acala Cotton

'Easy to Spin' cotton sliver

1 oz ball: $2.75

Egyptian Cotton Egyptian Cotton

White combed Egyptian cotton, long staple length

1 oz ball: $3.25

Pima Cotton - Brown Pima Cotton - Brown

'Easy to Spin' natural brown cotton sliver

1 oz ball: $3.25

Pima Cotton - White Pima Cotton - White

'Easy to Spin' cotton sliver

1 oz ball: $3.25

Sea Island Cotton Sea Island Cotton

'Easy to Spin' cotton sliver

1 oz ball: $3.25

American Top American Top

Silky, soft, fine natural bright white top, made in the USA.
(Available in full pound increments)

$24.00 per pound

Qiviut Qiviut

Dehaired Musk Ox fiber. Very fine and soft; silvery brown natural color.

$16.00 per 1/2 oz Fluff

Bombyx Silk Bombyx Silk

Bomby silk, natural.
(Priced per ounce)

$4.25 per ounce

Tussah Silk, Bleached Tussah Silk, Bleached

Tussah silk, bleached creamy white.
(Price per ounce)

$3.25 per ounce

Tussah Silk, Unbleached Tussah Silk, Unbleached

Tussah silk, unbleached.
(Price per ounce)

$3.25 per ounce

Silk Caps - Undyed Silk Caps - Undyed

Layers of degummed bombyx silk cocoons stretched over an arched frame. Sold in packages of 2 caps of similar weight, random weight packages.

$5.50 per ounce

Silk Hankies - Undyed Silk Hankies - Undyed

Layers of degummed bombyx silk cocoons stretched over a square frame. Approximately 10” X 11”.

$5.50 per 1 oz package

Tencel Tencel

Lusturous, shiny and smooth, almost like silk.

2 oz: $4.00

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