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The Fiber Addict is proud to be the exclusive retail source for mohair fiber from Linda Mercer's angora goats!

Linda Mercer has been raising angora goats since 1975.  She has specialized in colored angora goats since 1985.  Linda takes great care selecting the best animals to breed, focusing on producing strong, healthy animals with soft and lustrous fiber.  Each goat has their own name and is treated as a treasured family member.

Each fleece is separately prepared by hand washing and hand picking to remove any vegetation, second cuts and non-spinnable bits.  Linda is a very selective  hand-spinner, so she understands the desire for clean fiber with a wonderful feel.

Clean mohair locks are available in natural colors (including white) or dyed.  Linda carefully dyes her mohair locks for complete color penetration.  Small dye batches help insure an even color through-out.

Linda's flock is a small one, so the pictures are a representation of her offerings.  Once the year's fleeces are sold out, there's a wait until the next shearing and fleece scouring. Mohair locks, dyed or natural color are sold in packages of 3 or 4 ounces.  Please email any questions to The Fiber Addict on availability of specific colors.

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Mohair - Dyed Locks Mohair - Dyed Locks

Dyed mohair locks. Available in various colors.
Email for specific color availability.

Kid - 4 oz: $16.00
3rd Clip - 4 oz: $14.00

Mohair Natural Mohair Natural

Natural color and white mohair locks.
Email for specific color availability.

4 oz: $14.00

Mohair Kid Natural Mohair Kid Natural

Natural color kid mohair locks.
Email for specific color availability.

4 oz: $16.00

Mohair Kid White Mohair Kid White

Natural white kid mohair locks.
Email for availability.

4 oz: $16.00

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